Class Requirements


Piano Class Equipment

Keyboards. We provide the keyboards for each student to use during class.  However they will need either a piano or keyboard at home to practice on daily.  Students are welcome to bring their own keyboard to class each week if they prefer.  Any battery powered or plug in portable keyboard is acceptable as long as it has a working headphone jack.  

Headphones. Use of noise cancelling headphones is mandatory in class.  We do supply the headphones but students are also welcome to bring their own if they prefer.  No ear buds are allowed as they do not protect the students hearing.  Because earbuds are not noise cancelling it results in the students turning up the volume on their keyboards to unsafe levels.  

Workbooks.  All instructional materials are provided and included in the cost of the class.

Class size is limited, so we encourage early sign ups to ensure a spot for your student.

Ukulele/Guitar Class

Students are required to bring their own instrument to class each week.  Any acoustic or electric guitar will work just fine.  Any soprano or concert ukulele will also be acceptable.

Chorus Class

Just a voice and a love of singing! :)  All other materials included.