Frequently Asked Q's


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, individual lessons are offered for $30 per half hour or $60 for an hour lesson.  Lessons can be taught in your home or at the school.

What is the hardship program?

This applies to families that are on any financial assistance programs, such as the reduced cost meal progam.  Or even families experiencing a temporary financial setback.  We strongly believe in using the honor system and thus do not require an application or any pre-approval in order for your child to qualify.  Just simply pay the amount that applies to your personal situation.

Do we offer sibling discount?

Absolutely!  Half off the regular full price for second student.  

How can I donate towards the music program?

We do not make a profit off of our after school music program so any contributions are always appreciated and are put to good use by the students. :)

New and gently used equipment can be dropped off at the school office (with a note) or brought to any of our after school classes.

Monetary donations can also be left with the school office (please include note) or given to us directly. Also, please specify if you would like to sponsor a certain childs lessons or instrument.

Donations can also be made through our website PayPal button.

Thanks for your generosity!

How will I know what my child should practice at home?

Your child will be able to show you the exercise or song they are practicing in their workbook.  Tabs are used to make it easier for parents to follow the students progress, and of course you are always welcome to contact us with any questions.  We're hoping to post more video lessons on our YouTube channel at Yellow Jacket Studio.  

Can my student begin a class mid-session?

Yes, because the music lessons are tailored to each student individually.  Your child will not feel as if they are starting behind the other students.  Please feel free to prorate the cost.